Indian Singles PPL - Or How The Underdog Market Thrives Over Tier 1

Times of crisis and quarantines are good occasions to do some thorough assessments, evaluate what is worth investing further effort in, and generally take the time to go back to the things we normally oversee.

Having done that, we’ve realized that a significant part of our affiliates’ conversions and subsequent revenues are coming from where we least expect it: the underestimated markets in tier 2 and tier 3 countries.

Such is the case of India, a regular underdog, despite its vast user potential.

We’re saying that because our PPL Dating India offer is proving an absolute hit with our expert Dating Affiliates. 

It may be that it’s because this huge market of over 1 Billion hasn’t been too badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. But it is for sure due to the Single-opt-in flow and the attractive payouts for both mobile and desktop.

Plus, it’s got one other advantage going for it: this Indian PPL Dating gem even allows incent traffic, with the Pixel firing after the email submit.


[17826] Indiansingle desktop: 0,09 USD SOI

[17825] Indiansingle mobile: 0.04 USD SOI


Take it from us: you can earn big in an enormous market with a distinct lack of Dating offers, especially with PPL payout.

Have a look in our marketplace and convince yourself!


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