BrokerBabe Will Be In Prague Soon!


As summer is drawing to a close we’re starting to get into the TES vibe.

As every year, The European Summit is one of our main September events and Prague is calling the BrokerBabe team for the regular networking sessions with affiliates, media buyers, fellow advertisers and partners in the affiliate and adult industry.

This year the buzz word is D.A.T.I.N.G. Despite industry volatility, this has proven one of the most longstanding and profitable verticals and our Marketplace hosts options for everybody.

From in-house dating offers specifically designed for maximum conversions and ROI, to exclusive deals and even VR products, everything makes it to our list. 

So if you have volumes of dating traffic and you’re looking for new ways to better monetize, be sure to give Stefan a shoutout

As always, you'll benefit from completely dedicated account management and a very personal approach to your specific traffic type and source in order to make the most amount of money.

So what are you waiting for? Let's meet in Prague!




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